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Perfect Day For Some Ball

Freeplay Softball

Just about a perfect day for softball, and a close game, and a happy crew.

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Calming Shuttle

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Eva’s Id

Ann "It's Hard" Romney

It is becoming increasingly apparent Ann Romney has lived as sheltered a life as has her husband.


Romney’s remarks, then, are of a piece with a narrative – poverty as character defect – favored by many who know exactly jack about the reality of poverty, but who have discovered that demonizing the faceless poor, giving us someone new to resent and blame, is good politics. They wrap their attacks in rags of righteousness and pretensions of pragmatism, but there is something viscerally wrong, morally shrunken, in a nation where the most fortunate are encouraged to treat the least fortunate as some enemy race.

So the big story here is not about what damage Romney did to his campaign. Yes, the fact that he used condemnation of the poor as a lever of political advantage shames him.

But the very fact that the lever exists shames us all.

leonard Pitts Jr. more

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Water Heater & More Hiatus


In fairly short order between August 6 and 17th, first the apple tree’s main limb parted ways with the trunk and fell five or so feet onto the garage roof, and ten days later the water tank for the upstair’s suite sprang a leak and over forty-five minutes several hundred gallons poured on the floor and migrated over to the music library.

Luckily, I was home at the time. It could have been worse. The bottom rows of vinyl records actually served as a dam and prevented the water from reaching the walls. A laminate floor was destroyed, and a lot of vintage record covers were trashed too.

…trivial problems in the scheme of things. My blogging activity is going to be even more reduced as I manage some repair and insurance situations, and figure out with Susan where we’re going to move to in–most likely–Cleveland Heights later in the fall.

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The Eyes Have It

Rachel S. Smith is a Senior Consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco, CA. Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice. She has a deep understanding of new media and its application to education through her previous role as Vice President for Services of the New Media Consortium, and prior experience leading her own graphic design company. Rachel is a skilled visual facilitator and recorder and works with groups both both face-to-face and virtually. She blogs at

Digression. via David Sibbit David Sibbit is one of my main guys. He and I are part of the presumably shrinking group deeply inspired by the work of renegade transdisciplanarist, and pre-cursor integralist Arthur M. Young (1905-1995). (Wikipedia) Grove International offers an Arthur M. Young The Theory of Process poster. And, there’s lots of video on Youtube.

Arthur M. Young


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Glori, the Dancing Cat

Glori, the dancing cat

The most modest sort of trickery results in a well-received posting to Google+, shared here.

Glori, our eldest, tripping the light fantastic in her tuxedo!

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Teaching Cartoon: I Got ’em, You Got ’em

Pushing Buttons

h/t my wife Susan, who compiled cartoons for a class she taught. I am redeploying some of them.

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