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New Music From Kamelmauz – Apparently


My music making alter ego is: Kamelmauz. He does sonic experiments and lets me produce and issue them on Duty Free Records. Finally, these records are issued on Bandcamp, in one of two locations.

Got it? There today exist fourteen different audio productions. Each can be downloaded or auditioned at Bandcamp.

The vein of music I create is variously reduced to categories–experimental/avant-agarde/ambient/industrial/dark ambient–which miss the personal point of my efforts. Oh well. ‘we’ make music for the sake of my enjoyment of the process of making music, and, to actively support my enthusiasm for learning, novelty, and experience.

Full length: Kamelmauz.bandcamp
EP’s and single tracks: Kamelmauz-soundz.bandcamp

As you should know by now, my musical activities and interests are documented on the blog of noguts noglory studios.

no guts no glory

I go meta about my creativity. Meta means: I make stuff and I reflect on making stuff.

There’s a video for the new ep, Apparently There’s More.

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Kamelmauz Does Another Experiment

production snap

I’m spending most of my creative time trying to keep many flowers in pots and a vegetable garden from keeling over.

Still, I break away and do other creative experiments too, such as hooking an iPad and iPhone into the mixer, plopping an eBow on a steel guitar, turning the lights low, pressing record on a camera, and, ending up with an excuse to join Vimeo.

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New Kamelmauz Soundz

Kamelmauz Forn Anda

New free soundz from the stew pot of nogutsnoglory studios; announced today on the music blog. There the new piece is embedded, excerpted and plugged into a video, and linked through to Kamelmauz-Soundz — where experts may download the free high definition FLAC audio file.

Incidentally, it really is nifty when anybody taps [Like] at Bandcamp, or, sends the link over to Google+ with a [Plus].

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Siren Song

There’s something comforting about leaving the TV on and tuned to the World Cup and hearing the vuvuzela peek through the sonic ambience of the house. When I first heard the singular drone, I commented, “I like that, it sounds like a whale song.” As it is with anything capable of plying a drone, I want one.

In the middle of June I posted a wide-ranging mix of South African music on the nogutsnoglory studios blog. Git it.

South Africa is large in my musical cosmos. It’s probably where music, in effect, started many tens of thousands of years ago.

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Update – nogutsnoglorystudios

Dub Collison mix – Family Blessing
Jazz. Downloadable with a streaming taste. enjoy

I refashioned the cover for the mix into some more naive! art.

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[flashvideo filename= width=”512″ height=”288″ bufferlength=”30″ /]

buffer needs 30 seconds:total video length is 30 minutes

I’ve assembled two versions of my latest ‘learning curve’ experiment with iMovie. This is the classical version, Serene Alleluias, (title taken from Messiaen’s Serene Alleluias of a Soul Desiring Heaven of a Soul Desiring Heaven, that closes the music track,) and the jazz version, In a Silent Way, is posted over on nogutsnoglory and a lo-fi version on transformative tools. These versions in flash at 15fps don’t do the 24fps HD production justice, so if you want something more deluxe track me down.

I’d like to start making my ‘world hed music’ in mixed-media formats. The assembled two voyages, authored under my design pseudonym Hippie Goat, exceeded my expectations.

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