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Who Are Your Luminaries?

In my studio, on the wall with the window, I tacked up pictures of ‘mission-critical’ luminaries. The poster-like reminder above–using an original photo collage–tops the construction. I’m well-aware of my own personal pantheon of influential persons. One question I sometimes … Continue reading

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Bamako No. 1

2012 S.Calhoun Bamako No. 1 Work-in-progress; digital collage; generative source via Automatic Art app Similar theme; ARK; Tuareg guitar figure (2011); now proofed and finished for giclee … sitting on the framing table. bonus atmosphere from the now saddened Mali.

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It’s All Music


(This week Kamelmauz released two new recordings, Poor City, and a free EP, Sleeper. You can listen to all the released Kamelmauz music at Bandcamp.)

Music is my number two* interest, and my number one obsession, and has been so for forty years and counting. Music is my primary metaphor too, because all of its features–listening, playing together, improvising, composing, etc.–provide interesting echoes for all sorts of human qualities, patterns and interactions. Also, both music and sound are, paradoxically, ubiquitous and mysterious.

For example, it is both common and strange that every person possesses musicality. I’m fascinated by the history of the universal human relationship to sound, and, how entangled are sound and language. I’ve tracked this relationship back by way of the anthropological scholarship about presumed prototypes for music and language. This becomes very speculative because a deep generalization about both is: before writing and musical transcription, aural productions are ephemeral, except inasmuch as the products were heard, stored, and made retrievable. …by mind. Much much later, the productive secondary instruments in both realms become part of the artifactual record. Last time I checked, a 40,000 bone flute marked the oldest sound producing artifact found so far–for either mode of production.

My quest for this sound of proto-music represents the centering discovery process for my musical cosmos. Around this orbits that which somehow, (or in various ways,) triangulates–for ‘prime’ example– Thelonious Monk, The Byrds, and Pauline Oliveros. The track leads, then, from the ongoing hearing to youthful enthusiasms and all the way back to the infancy of sound.

My productive musical alter egos are Kamelmauz, he of the naive yet vigorous approach to designing and making his music, or, evoking into a room the sound (he has) already heard. Another one is Dub Collision, who compiles mixes, nowadays in the form of downloads. In this way, he shares–I share–juxtapositions of songs from the vast archive. Ol’ Mr. Collision has been at his compilin’ art for a very long time. I blog my musical activities at nogutsnoglory studios blog, including Dub Collision podcasts at the rate of about one per month. Finally. ‘alter-ego-wise, there is the Hippiegoat, who does all the musically inspired graphic design for mssrs Kamelmauz and Dub Collision.

Every Dub Collision mix/podcast is noted below.

nogutsnoglory studios blog

Rhythm River imaginal musicology
Rhythm River has to do with an experiential learning process involving music I developed.

Mantra Modes
A blog about the music and artistry of Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, and about the sound of South Africa.

Kamelmauz – recordings at Bandcamp


Shadow Sutra experimental

Spiral Dilemma improv
DCmix-One-Track-Mind One Track Mind funk
DCmix-Open-Shadows Open Shadows experimental
DCmix-Clinging Clinging experimental
Megaupload post |
DCmix-Seventeen Seventeen In a Perfect World pop
Mama Told Me Not to Come pop
Blues for Harvey Pekar improv
DCmix-Simi-Lindele Sini Lindele [Homecoming] africa
DCmix-Nothing-Over Nothing Over experimental

Life Is a Carnival pop

Girl in Winter pop/post-rock

Cheap Blues blues

Saxophone Gladness improv

Magnolia pop

Family Blessing improv

Lookout Cleveland
(Back on the Porch volume 1) pop

True Man, Magic World pop/eclectic

Exclusivity beats, chill
Divshare 1 – 2post

Our Man Flint
(I Need to Volunteer Today) pop, eclectic

Afro-Bloo africa

Kamelmauz’s recordings can be purchased at Bandcamp. (If you want a keepsake, you can throw a few smolians in the direction of the artist. If you LIKE Kamelmauz fan page on Facebook, I’ll send you a code for a free download of Poor City. If you email Kamelmauz, you’ll receive a code that knocks the price from $9 to $4.50.)

*My number one interest is observing and researching what makes people and relationships tick.

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Muso Survives Another Year, Well

The Chorus of PS22 (Fifth grade; Graniteville, Staten Island, NY) went viral last year. Fortunately, their charming cover of Ariel Pink’s Round and Round is a natural link through to my wrap of of my favored music from last year, … Continue reading

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Mantra Modes Revived

Mantra Modes, The Artistry of Abdullah Ibrahim, was one of my very first web initiatives. It was developed in 1996 and then published as part of the old Hoon Web. I have dragged it into the 21st century after the … Continue reading

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Prima LaBrona

Mozart’s body of work has endured for three centuries and counting. Say what you will about forlorn Cleveland sports fans, the city’s orchestra plays this body of work and those of other all-time musical all-stars better than anybody else. So, … Continue reading

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Siren Song

There’s something comforting about leaving the TV on and tuned to the World Cup and hearing the vuvuzela peek through the sonic ambience of the house. When I first heard the singular drone, I commented, “I like that, it sounds … Continue reading

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Have a Musical New Year

(src) Omar Pene & Super Diamono (‘of Dakar, Senegal’} Something to dance to; well, dance everyday.

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I Wish Everyday Could Be Christmas

I Wish Everyday Could Be Christmas is actually the title to my 2009 holiday season mix. While I’m trying to attract your attention to an hour’s worth of rockin’ Christmas novelty songs, I’d like to recap the last Dub Collision … Continue reading

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Kamelmauz – Slidemare – free

Playing playfully under the pseudonym Kamelmauz, I have made available as both streaming mp3s and downloadable Apple lossless, a new recording of experimental dark ambient music, Slidemare. It’s basically a proof-of-concept-record: how to render sound worlds using steel guitars run … Continue reading

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Happy 75th Abdullah!

Roughly in this picture of the two of us, Abdullah Ibrahim is the age I am now. Twenty years ago, on the sidewalk in Middlebury, Vermont. Although we’re no longer in touch*, my beloved friend Abdullah Ibrahim, turn 75 today. … Continue reading

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Full Circle

Not my brightest idea: configuring an 8 string pedal steel guitar to a straight pentatonic tuning. Think of it this way: one can finger pick pentatonic patterns vertically, but once you move to another fret you move to a different … Continue reading

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New Dub Collision, (my music-compiling pseudonym,) mix over at nogutsnoglory studios blog. It’s titled Lookout Cleveland Part 1 – Back On the Porch.

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West coast drum master George Marsh. More over at my nogutsnoglory blog.

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Why Music?, appearing December 19 in The Economicist, summarizes some of the theories evolutionary anthropologists have been floating to explain why music is a pervasive feature of human life. In reading this article about subject matter I am long acquainted … Continue reading

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The Rhythm River pages are up at squareONE. I made a quickee montage to promote this latest tool; albeit the development unfolded over twenty years. [flashvideo filename=http://squareone-learning.com/video/RhythmRiver2.flv /] Music is Kayyam, from my 2002 recording In Khorasan. It can be … Continue reading

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Post-partisan, global, unity sounds compiled by my music montage-making alter ego, Dub Collision,  available as an mp3 download over at nogutsnoglory, my music blog.

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Steve Lacy & Don Cherry-Evidence Jessica Williams-You Don’t Know What Love Is Thelonious Monk-Epistrophy Medeski, Martin & Wood-Bemsha Swing-Lively Up Yourself Steve Lacy on Thelonious Monk MONK LEFT US: rhythmic messages, song, quality dreams, games, things to say, things to … Continue reading

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Given any rich experience, what happens when we commit our sensibility to graphically mapping the experience in real time? Deborah Blair’s paper is fascinating. Her model has much wider applications. And, this toolmaker came up with many such possibilities. By … Continue reading

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Honorary nephew B. has taken up the guitar but he had never seen a lap steel. Once I dug up the smaller Jerry Byrd tonebar, in lieu of the jumbo glass Boyette, he took to bouncing and sliding on my … Continue reading

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