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Salaam, mom

Jean S. Calhoun, March 20-1927 – January 25, 2012 (with her granddaughter, Caileigh Raine Calhoun, daughter of my brother Crede and sister-in-law Carol) With me holding her hand, streaming into the last seconds of a four month long, unwinding process, … Continue reading

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Transformative Anthropology. The Picture Inside

[…] Feynman visualized the world with pictures rather than with equations. Other physicists in the past and present describe the laws of nature with equations and then solve the equations to find out what happens. Feynman skipped the equations and … Continue reading

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Transformative Anthropology – More Grey Swans

C. Seize any opportunity, or anything that looks like opportunity. They are rare, much rarer than you think. Remember that positive Black Swans have a necessary first step: you need to be exposed to them. Many people do not realize … Continue reading

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A Good Example of Transformative Anthropology

A Man Walks Into a Pub Well, hops- he only had one leg. A man who had his leg amputated when he was 29 after a benign tumour was removed was in the process of saving up forty grand to … Continue reading

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…added “Vacuum – Edward Vielmetti in Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104” to the blogroll. Evidently Ed is a librarian and so his attention surplus disorder is expressed through his blog’s rich captures of diverse resources. This earns his blog the ‘all … Continue reading

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