Daily Archives: November 4, 2009

Dooz Age, Unstoppable

Another flare from Integral Life. The Integral movement is based upon principles of compassion, clarity, and inclusiveness. A willingness to step beyond our personal and cultural points of view while remaining true to our own unique perspective; to sanctify the … Continue reading

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Gray Swans?

One way to while-away the time during my short commute, and, errands, is to listen to unabridged audiobooks. If the experience proves worthwhile as a moment of learning, I’m next compelled to work against my learning style (aural-kinesthetic) and read … Continue reading

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Cha-ching & ‘who were they?’

It was great to see paper ballots being used at my local voting place. This is even better than the punch-the-chad method. Sometimes the ancient technology is the least troublesome. In Cuyahoga County there came to collide in this election … Continue reading

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