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The Jobs of a Lifetime

So we went to Atari and said, `Hey, we’ve got this amazing thing, even built with some of your parts, and what do you think about funding us? Or we’ll give it to you. We just want to do it. … Continue reading

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My favorite planking picture, from Taiwan.

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Viewing Time

A History of the World in 100 Seconds from Gareth Lloyd on Vimeo. MY AFRICAN MIND from BOFADACARA on Vimeo. Two completely different approaches to making a concise videographic presentation of the sweep of “a” history. Gareth Lloyd explains his … Continue reading

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The Untamed Monad in the Happy World

But if the “root” and possibility of Declaration always goes back to the topology of Being itself, what fundamentally Declaration “sees” that authorizes its hazarding concrete steps toward the possibility field it originates and seeks to get underway, is in … Continue reading

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The Big Uneasy

Harry Shearer’s The Big Uneasy is about bad engineering, mendacity, and future walls to nowhere. Harry’s been busy. Harry’s videos occupy a channel over at My Damn Channel. He’s lucky because he can partner with his wife, the almost illegally … Continue reading

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Accounting for Antipathy

“I think that is the ultimate insensitivity, anyone looking at that with any common sense would say, ‘What in the world would we be doing, you know, fostering some type of system that allows this to happen.’ Everybody knows America’s … Continue reading

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Sheep In Sheep’s Clothing

Thinking modern day Fabians are dangerous plotters is akin to believing we’d be doomed should the YWCA and WMCA join forces. (from the video) Communitarianism centers around the belief that individualism is to be relinquished for the “greater good” of … Continue reading

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Abstract Steel

Anish Kapoor’s London Tower is posed as the centerpiece of not only London’s Olympic Park, but of London itself. From the Guardian.UK, is something about the artist’s inspiration in his own words, Kapoor said one of his references was the … Continue reading

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God Loves Gunn High School

Fred Phelps, the hateful and hate-mongering ‘pastor’ of infamousWestboro Baptist Church, Topeka, brought his tiny insane mob to a sidewalk across the street of Gunn High School, Palo Alto, California. Phelps is well beyond the pale, and, for example, has … Continue reading

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Kalinda CIS

Archie Pajabi, in character as Kalinda, on The Good Wife The Good Wife is my favorite new tv show of the several candidates for my favor. It’s a variation on the legal procedural, yet it splits time between the legal … Continue reading

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Is Bubba Really Gone?

I’ve been feeling my way around vampires because the Jung-Fire group has also been doing so. Whilst descriptions of vampires varied widely, certain traits now accepted as universal were created by the film industry. Where did vampires originate? Well, nearly … Continue reading

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Secrets Revealed

I noted recently via a google alert that lectures of Idries Shah, taken from a series of hard-to-obtain cassettes, have been made available on the web site, The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge. Ishk.net is ostensibly the web … Continue reading

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District 9

“Sorry, but you’re one too many payments behind.” District 9 provided the most rewarding movie-going experience of the year. I have to chuckle when I reflect upon how the allegory is worked through in the gritty shoestring indy District 9, … Continue reading

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Sabbatic Goat Reviews Avatar

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The Bottom Petal

Claude Lévi-Strauss at Machado in Brazil. While purging my active RSS opml, I noted a feed from the Mind & Culture blog (@Mind&Culture.Net.) “This is a blog for students who are taking the course in Mind and Culture at the … Continue reading

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In Praise of Betty Draper

About half way through Mad Men‘s third season, I decided the show had joined my slim TV pantheon. Mad Men joins: Homicide: Life In the Streets; The Sopranos; The West Wing; NYPD-Blue; ER, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Firefly; True … Continue reading

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Dooz Age, Unstoppable

Another flare from Integral Life. The Integral movement is based upon principles of compassion, clarity, and inclusiveness. A willingness to step beyond our personal and cultural points of view while remaining true to our own unique perspective; to sanctify the … Continue reading

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The Health of Money

The God In the Machine, Lewis H. Lapham, Lapham’s Quarterly, V.II,No.3 President Barack Obama during his first months in office seldom has missed a chance to liken the country’s healthcare system to an unburied corpse, which, if left lying around … Continue reading

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Blog: Africa Is A Country

Sean Jacobs authors the excellent Africa Is a Country blog. His blog sets the bar high for any area-interest blog: diverse, well written, very smart, and, oft Sean bears down on a subject with laser focus. hat tip to Sean, … Continue reading

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