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United We Stand, So, Bend Over

The Orange Man announces another fatuous documentation–in a long line of such productions–of things the Republican Party will never, ever, manage to do. I’m not sure it would be politically wise for them to execute any of their plans. For … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Indecision

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The Precision of Imprecision

Charles Sanders Peirce Louis Menand’s capsule intellectual history of American pragmatism’s initial development, The Metaphysical Club, was an enjoyable read. But even little ol’ me could note he advanced a highly selective narrative, where he chops off C.S. Peirce’s technical … Continue reading

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The Sting And its Habitus

The election September 7, in northeastern Ohio, “NEO,” marked a dramatic turning point in the region’s model for self-governance. A new county charter was passed in 2009. It was a rush job, and its opponents either argued to retain the … Continue reading

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A Hopeful Leader

Sarah Haile-Mariam. While earning her B.S. in Communications at New York University, Sara volunteered as a grassroots organizer, surrogate and out-of-state coordinator for the New York Obama campaign. Sara spoke on behalf of the campaign at rallies and town halls … Continue reading

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Where’s Werner?

Werner Herzog {Wikipedia} Much to my delight, I discovered the series of youtube videos featuring German film director Werner Herzog reading excerpts from children’s books. Probably the full impact of these films is only accessible if one is familiar with … Continue reading

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Hammer Time

Pete the hammer. New gear, celebrating next year’s 20th anniversary of Free Play softball. The Free Play Softball League convenes its open system every Sunday at 10am, at Forest Hills Park-Cleveland Heights, on field #8. If you need to loosen … Continue reading

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The Big Uneasy

Harry Shearer’s The Big Uneasy is about bad engineering, mendacity, and future walls to nowhere. Harry’s been busy. Harry’s videos occupy a channel over at My Damn Channel. He’s lucky because he can partner with his wife, the almost illegally … Continue reading

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