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Collaboration & Serendipity

I. FORTUITY [f. L. fortu‹imacbreve›t-us, f. forte by chance, f. fors chance + -ous.] That happens or is produced by fortune or chance; accidental, casual. OED Between 2005-2012, when I was researching serendipity as a decisive aspect of adult development, … Continue reading

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Sat down with collaborative learning specialist George Por, and a group from E4S, over delicious Thai food, on Thursday. It was a great session, yet suprisingly it became oriented around my experiential tool, Playing the Opposites, rather than George’s groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Quick upload of 3 schemas that summarize ongoing research with a colleague into “interpersonal pragmatics” and interpersonal problem solving. These schemas will be explored in detail in the future over at the new Transformative Tools blog. This schema addresses the … Continue reading

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