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Time Requires Time

Flowing Data Philosophy of Time: A great many other “flowings” or “fluxes” or “relations” acquire their privileged directionality (their asymmetry) from the arrow of time. How then does time acquire its direction? This seems to be a very puzzling question. … Continue reading

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The Direction of the Horizon

Whether there is or is not an absolute thought and an absolute evaluation in each practical problem, my own opinions, which remain capable of error no matter how rigorously I examine them, are still my only equipment for judging. It … Continue reading

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Do Particles Bounce?

Deepak Chopra, the new age maven, regularly contributes to the Huffington Post. Today, he starts out with this: I. This year, the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. But now that all the backslapping is nearing an end, it may … Continue reading

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The Integral Spiritual Center lands a come-on in my email box every week. Yesterday’s gave me a whack on the side of the head. Modern science has given us a compelling picture of the evolution of our universe, from its … Continue reading

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“With univocity, however, it is not the differences which are and must be: it is being which is Difference, in the sense that it is said of difference. Moreover, it is not we who are univocal in a Being which … Continue reading

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A long excerpt from a book-length Ph.D. dissertation evokes the scope of Robert Stuart Houghton’s theorizing about education. A Chaotic Paradigm: An Alternative World View of the Foundations of Educational Inquiry. It’s gist is this: there is an implicit potential … Continue reading

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The world before it is perceived is an infinite collection of qualities. It is up to the perceiver to use some of these qualities to differentiate one event from another. This process of differentiation is driven by desire (relevance, need, … Continue reading

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While I was working on the links page on the SQ1 web site, I revisited many sites I look toward when I want to appraise or roll around in the vast tracks of outsider or excluded knowledge; what one isn’t … Continue reading

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The web site is an old school vertical sprawl, the subjects under consideration endless in number and magnitude, the format dialectical, yet, it’s the darn pragmatic mission I wish to highlight: As you may realise from reading this website, my … Continue reading

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Having conceived that nothing is impossible to you, consider yourself immortal and able to understand everything, all art, all learning, the temper of every living thing. . . . Collect in yourself all the sensations of what has been made, … Continue reading

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