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Process & Humanness

I. A precarious process is such that, whatever the complex configuration of enabling conditions, if the dependencies on the operationally closed network are removed, the process necessarily stops. In other words, it is not possible for a precarious process in … Continue reading

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Sweet Fern’s Evolution

Sweet Fern Productions | see also their Whale Fall

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Older and Better

How Old Is the Human Race? va News.Discovery The National geographic Genographic Project 2.0 A fifty percent increase in the age of our race is gigantic swing in a primary historical quantification. The Genographic Project is a multiyear research initiative … Continue reading

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Icelandic Exceptionalism

Self-explanatory. via Let’s Talk About Evolution Guardian.UK; in turn via the essential research blogging’s GirlScientist. Video Fill in blank: “so much for _________________”

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New Family

“Australopithecus sediba, a 1.98 million year old relative of humans, otherwise known as a hominin.” full article:The Verge of Human; Carl Zimmer. The Loom (blog) Discover Magazine See also Science Magazine, September 9, 2011

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The Hard Problem

Evolution Made Us All from Ben Hillman on Vimeo. Actually, the proposition here over-generalizes, but it is apparently true for biological life. I don’t track the follies of Intelligent Design anywhere near as closely as I used to, yet I … Continue reading

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Planet of the Snake-Oil Loving Apes

David Lane takes Ken Wilber to task, Frisky Dirt, Why Ken Wilber’s New Creationism is Pseudo-Science, for reprising his odd views on evolution. Those views can be encapsulated in quotes from The Guru and the Pandit. Eros, Buddha, and the … Continue reading

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What If Your Parents Had Never…?

In my continuing research into what I term transformative anthropology, or, into developmental serendipity in the human life cycle, every question or speculation is worth investigation. This includes questions considered ridiculous: “What if your parents had never met?” To which … Continue reading

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Animated Evolution

Charles Darwin Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. Abraham Lincoln via blublu.org

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Mining Under the Common Ground

Separate truths It is misleading — and dangerous — to think that religions are different paths to the same wisdom [excerpt Boston.com April 25, 2010] Of course, those who claim that the world’s religions are different paths up the same … Continue reading

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Fodor, Nagel, and Philosophy-In-Decline

Philosophers Rip Darwin By Michael Ruse The Chronicle of Higher Education “Doubters Rip Darwin — Badly” would have been better. In his article, Michael Ruse adds Thomas Nagel to the fold of philosophers seeming to enter a late, demented phase … Continue reading

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Turned Upside Down

So an august public intellectual publishes what is supposed to be an important, even ground-shaking book, and, then, as it turns out for lack of a certain kind of proof-reader, their shattering project turns out to. rather, represent the lowest … Continue reading

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Hillis Plot

Phylogenic Plot of the ‘tree of speciation’ David Hillis*, University of Texas. Close up via interactive version; Colorado.edu. My impression? A humbling depiction. * Alfred W. Roark Centennial Professor, Section of Integrative Biology, University of Texas “The study of evolution … Continue reading

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At Least, A Clear Statement

One thing I’ll give the Muslim creationist Harun Yahya credit for is that he states his sense of the facts of the matter courageously, whereas, the stateside Intelligent Design crew has come to do everything but state clearly, or do … Continue reading

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Do Particles Bounce?

Deepak Chopra, the new age maven, regularly contributes to the Huffington Post. Today, he starts out with this: I. This year, the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. But now that all the backslapping is nearing an end, it may … Continue reading

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Christina vs. Stupidity

Christina aka ZOMGitsCriss k-rina, is Romanian; is forthright; is an ax-wielding heroine. I wouldn’t volunteer to sharpen all of her many axes, but I’d take the stone to the anti-creationist axe. The Origins of Stupidity How to Be a Good … Continue reading

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Favorite Humorists

Using Google alerts, the philosopher Bradley Monton drifts on my radar screen with increasing regularity. Why? He’s a philosophically-minded proponent of the validity of the motive behind the “research” program of Intelligent Design. Also, his work is unintentionally really amusing. … Continue reading

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via Ron Chusid, from an interview of Rush Limbaugh by Matt Drudge. Context: a full skeleton of an early presumed primate, Darwinius masillae, was discovered (story@Pharyngula; This is an important new fossil, a 47 million year old primate nicknamed Ida. … Continue reading

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Why Music?, appearing December 19 in The Economicist, summarizes some of the theories evolutionary anthropologists have been floating to explain why music is a pervasive feature of human life. In reading this article about subject matter I am long acquainted … Continue reading

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Dr. Brian C. Melton, Assistant Professor of History at Liberty University, writing at the web site Intellectual Conservative, Human Origins and a Side of Fries: Refuting a Popular Neo-Darwinian Position. [A] A prime example of this appeared in Expelled, when … Continue reading

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