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The anti-evolution movie Expelled has garnered a lot of attention in the aftermath of its release to the nation’s cinemas. I haven’t seen it. The mainstream reviews all point out that it’s a deceptive piece of propaganda. I have no … Continue reading

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If both natural law and ceaseless creativity partially beyond natural law are necessary for understanding our world, and if we as whole human beings live in this real world of law and unknowable creativity, these two ancient strands of Western … Continue reading

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“With univocity, however, it is not the differences which are and must be: it is being which is Difference, in the sense that it is said of difference. Moreover, it is not we who are univocal in a Being which … Continue reading

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Just as there is the term folk psychology, meaning the subjective psychological assumptions and models individuals deploy to navigate the interpersonal universe, there could be the term folk anthropology to designate the subjective assumptions each of us deploys to understand … Continue reading

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Steve Lacy & Don Cherry-Evidence Jessica Williams-You Don’t Know What Love Is Thelonious Monk-Epistrophy Medeski, Martin & Wood-Bemsha Swing-Lively Up Yourself Steve Lacy on Thelonious Monk MONK LEFT US: rhythmic messages, song, quality dreams, games, things to say, things to … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Done Deal

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