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Screening Needs

  Ummm, cats. Last May, when Sonny, our male cat, was five months old and a lithe leaper, I constructed a video and posted it to youtube. Since then 62 people have viewed the video. Thank you. I did my … Continue reading

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Sassy & Guy

Do cats gaze longingly?

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Sometimes, the Bad Wallpaper. . .

The internet comes through sometimes; make your own. Ecce homo: Wie man wird, was man ist) /ambiguation/ Idou ho Anthropos I am not a man, I am dynamite. And with it all there is nought of the founder of a religion … Continue reading

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Bamako No. 1

2012 S.Calhoun Bamako No. 1 Work-in-progress; digital collage; generative source via Automatic Art app Similar theme; ARK; Tuareg guitar figure (2011); now proofed and finished for giclee … sitting on the framing table. bonus atmosphere from the now saddened Mali.

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Partitura-Ligeti by Abstract Birds

Partituira – Ligeti – {Excerpts} from Abstract Birds on Vimeo. Partitura-Ligeti is a collaboration between Abstract Birds + Quayola in the form of a live audiovisual concert and installation based on Ligeti’s sonata for viola solo, performed by Odile Auboin of Ensemble intercontemporain, Paris. … Continue reading

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Nothing that might not happen in a universe of fortuity

[Dharma as Chance, 2012 S.Calhoun, digital construction] After we had dinner at Cafe Tandoor, I stood up, put on my coat, and turned around to see right behind me all along hanging on the wall all along was a beautiful, … Continue reading

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The Opening

  The Opening. 2012 S.Calhoun (dye proof for giclee)

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Curation and Its Hoped For Contents

 Andrew Sullivan I subscribed to Andrew Sullivan’s Dish. The cost was $19.95 for a year’s worth of being able to scrape a bit below the surface the Dish’s content of news and culture captures. Sullivan’s project was previously a part … Continue reading

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