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Double Rolls

artist.stephen.calhoun on Instagram features pieces characterized by their not being in either of my catalogues. The above Cube-O-Probe reflects the reverse side of the Cube-O-Probe rolled December 31, 2015. The latter probe was used as novel data for a contemplation … Continue reading

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Cloudy Daze and Catty Ontologies

Lost Memories 2.0 from Francois Ferracci on Vimeo. Catumentary from Lizz Dvorsky on Vimeo. Robert Anton Wilson Channel on youtube

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Yet, We Converse With Each Other

Hexagram 44 Your name or your person, Which is dearer? Your person or your goods, Which is worth more? Gain or loss, Which is a greater bane? That is why excessive meanness Is sure to lead to great expense; Too … Continue reading

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Remedios Varo

In the previous post I mentioned my being turned, by a serendipitous contact’s suggestion, toward the artistry of Remedios Varo. It was my good fortune to find the two most important books of her work at The Cleveland Public Library. … Continue reading

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Touch Recognition

Around the middle of January I received an email from a stranger. This happens often. The question about such emails is: will it sort into the box labeled Serendipitous Contact, or, Internet Scammer? This one ends up in the former … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio’s Dance Wit Me

Deborah De Luca Marco Rub-bot, the Little Prince, tells anther interviewer that he enjoys EDM, electronic dance music, because the music has clean lyrics, where hip hop. . . Burning Man 2015 The EDM web site reports in an article … Continue reading

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Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures from Pier 9 on Vimeo. Circle Game by Joni Mitchell Yesterday a child came out to wonder Caught a dragonfly inside a jar Fearful when the sky was full of thunder And tearful at the falling of … Continue reading

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The Very Soaked, Very Dry, World

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA, is 950 feet above sea level. We could probably take tens of thousands of climate refugees. I do not know what the effect of climate cahnge will be on the great lakes. Hey, I can look … Continue reading

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By Hand

A Thousand Hands Ago from S Ensby on Vimeo. The dramatic form is reached when the vitality which has flowed and eddied round each person fills every person with such vital force that he or she assumes a proper and … Continue reading

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