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All All There

[flashvideo file= /] Dave says to me after the game, It was all there. What a great game. I affirm this, Yup. Actually, whatever “it” is, my guess “it” is all there every weekend, in the Free Play softball game. … Continue reading

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Two Batesonian Teaching Cartoons

Okay. I mentioned I had this darn insight many years ago: something like a Batesonian metalogue–which are sprinkled throughout his books–seems to be discoverable in the deep structure of particular Sufi teaching stories. This old insight has evolved and this … Continue reading

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Minding the Mind

My favorite (Gregory) Batesonian teaching story, reconfigured and originally via Idries Shah. A frenchman is teaching another french rudimentary english. “So, the word for froid crème glacée is ‘cold ice cream.’ ” “What’s the word for chaude crème glacée?” “Oh, … Continue reading

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Self ‘Splanin’

“What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?” Lacan I’m not qualified to be dog catcher, but if I ever threw my hat in the ring, I’d have a ton of … Continue reading

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