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(poems) Tim Calhoun – The Foretopman’s Vision; No Way Out

The Foretopman’s Vision I don’t know who they are– those two with arms paddling through a sea of drifting wheat, I’ve forgotten how love tacks against the course of passion. Their hands collapse on faces like falling sails. She arches … Continue reading

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Rich Risks

In 1997, the last year for which there was solid research done on the subject, 42 percent of the Forbes 400 richest Americans made the list through probate. This lies at the heart of our plutonomy thesis: that the rich … Continue reading

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Hard Drives, History

The very first production hard disk was the IBM 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control), introduced on September 13, 1956. This beastie stored 5 million characters (approximately five megabytes, but a “character” in those days was only … Continue reading

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If Men Could Get Preggers

It seems to me the church with an unresolved child rape problem might be more circumspect about being so vocal about getting the first amendment wrong. Meanwhile, deep in space, in another galaxy, on another planet, evolution has worked to … Continue reading

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It’s a Simple 1G Maneuver

I forget in what book or article I first read that flying and flight and airplanes often resonate with the sensibility of the archetypal puer aeternus. To learn second hand about the puer aeternus is to find out lots about … Continue reading

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Sonny Joins the Girls

[flashvideo filename= /] Sonny, named after Sonny Rollins, joins our feline brood, Sassy (after Sarah Vaughan,) Glori (after Gloria Steinem,) and the inimitable stray who showed up last June, Kizzy, aka Kismet, aka The Kizzinator.) Glori Sassy Kizzy Sonny Did … Continue reading

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Teaching Cartoon: Holding Back

This fine one leads to the epic Gary Larsen take: …in my pantheon of teaching cartoons, for sure.

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Wondering and Wandering

This is an inscrutable picture. I like it. The backstory for this post contains several slices. My friend, Linda Kahn, the great dancer and choreographer sent me a article, from which I’ve extracted the following. Of course, eventually wondering must … Continue reading

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New Postings – My Naive Art

In the never ending task I have set for myself, to post my original visual, art-like, and, art, experiments, some more have hit mynaiveart blog. Demanded at that site is, beyond forbearance, the ability to punch the [older entries] link … Continue reading

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Salaam, mom

Jean S. Calhoun, March 20-1927 – January 25, 2012 (with her granddaughter, Caileigh Raine Calhoun, daughter of my brother Crede and sister-in-law Carol) With me holding her hand, streaming into the last seconds of a four month long, unwinding process, … Continue reading

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