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System Attractions – Seek simplicity, and distrust it. (A.N. Whitehead)

What follows is brief foray into a schematic phenomenology about what comes easy and what comes hard. Ha! Don’t bother googling schematic phenomenology! This schema is a picture of my general meaning-making relationship to two joined aspects of any system. … Continue reading

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Deepening the Ecology of Knowing

I love Nora Bateson; but, I don’t know her so I have to be more precise. Plus: it is complicated because as much as I do not know her, and as much as I deeply understand to love that which … Continue reading

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Realism Unwired

Ralph Stacey Complexity and Creativity in Organizations – Amazon bonus: Bill McKelvey, Transcendental Foresight: Using Complexity Science to Foster Distributed Seeing (pdf)

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Sweetly Focused Nora Bateson

What a great two minutes! Nora Bateson’s soulful approach to her father’s work, to his way of understanding, strikes me as being beautifully personal, ingratiating, and, most crucially, precisely formulated so as to provide a warm introductory gateway to his legacy. … Continue reading

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A Batesonian sign

Also, for me, understanding this is the prime first order insight. What system is my being/doing mostly being-doing in? Consequence: the traffic is me; the traffic ‘over there’ is an extension of me, etc. The bike won’t free you! The … Continue reading

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Groups & the Development of Consciousness

My colleague and friend Robert has asked in a comment to Sustainability, Systems Awareness & Eros, “However saying that, I don’t know if the “group” consciousness actually manages to effect a real conscious change in both individuals and in groups. … Continue reading

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Mark Schenk, writing at Anecdote | If you can’t measure it… I recently heard a presentation that mentioned the truism ‘if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. It reminded me of how uncomfortable I have always been with … Continue reading

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