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Transformative Anthropology – update on project

draft view of some of the nodes of transformative anthropology–click for lightbox enlargement I’m sorting out the turning point, concerned with the presentation of my main research focus in the open-source of the web. The first step was to create … Continue reading

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Blog: Africa Is A Country

Sean Jacobs authors the excellent Africa Is a Country blog. His blog sets the bar high for any area-interest blog: diverse, well written, very smart, and, oft Sean bears down on a subject with laser focus. hat tip to Sean, … Continue reading

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We Are Stardust

Billion year old carbon We are golden Caught in the devils bargain And weve got to get ourselves Back to the garden.excerpt, Woodstock, by Joni Mitchell In August 1969, I was 14 years old, and spending the summer with my … Continue reading

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Transformative Anthropology III – Gas Stop

I had the good fortune to reacquaint myself this week with a friend from 40 years ago. After explaining my research into the fragile contingencies underlying life changing events, she offered a terrific example, and, additionally brought a new term … Continue reading

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In this excerpt from my film “Zrareet ! ” my mother-in-law explains how to train a Moroccan husband with a great sense of humor. They have been married for over 60 years. wifechadly Youtube channel

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Local craigslist garage sale announcement. …seems like an interesting household. garage in back open rain or shine. hand tools,drill bits,power tools, collectible case international and versatile toy tractors, wilson’s leather jackets, harley davidson full face motorcycle helmet size xxs used … Continue reading

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Sitting at the local coffee shop, waiting for a business partner to arrive so that we could discuss a project, I decided to kill time by opening my laptop to check my email. In my email was a post from … Continue reading

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Sometime in the spring of 2001 my colleague and professional partner Judith hipped me to an interesting project. She knew a filmmaker who was hoping to commence a project about sports and experiential learning. ‘Would I be interested in talking … Continue reading

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Although I will pour over the satisfying demographic breakdowns in the coming days, the one that jumps out this morning showcases Barack Obama’s victory in every age group except the over-65 one. A new era has dawned. The future trend … Continue reading

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. . .of much needed change. We started our journey to the Barack Obama and his family, and Bruce Springsteen, rally at 1:00pm at the third most easterly stop on RTA’s Blue Line. The gates were to open at 2:00pm … Continue reading

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